Honors B.S. Biology | Minor Chemistry | Minor Computer Science

Involvement: Beta Theta Pi Fraternity | Union Programming Council

Honor Societies: Alpha Epsilon Delta | Phi Eta Sigma | Phi Kappa Phi | Sigma Alpha Pi

Union Programming Council

The Union Programming Council (UPC) and A. Ray Olpin Union provide all students a home away from home.

Through the Union, all demographics on campus are provided a safe environment in which they have the opportunity to take the next step in paving a bright future: applying knowledge learned in the classroom in order to improve community, campus, and oneself.

UPC allows students to advance their ability to lead, organize, self manage, value differences, collaborate, and become enlightened citizens who have gained experience and excel in the workforce. UPC serves as the heart of the Union, inviting every student to participate, serve, and learn while enhancing their educational experience. 

2014-2017: UPC Marketing Board AD / Director

The 2016-2017 UPC Marketing Board (left to right): Jordan, Freddie, Armando, Ryan, Vincent

The Marketing Board is tasked with promotion of all UPC events via social media, graphic design, and other forms of marketing. As the Director of Marketing, I oversaw event photos, social media interaction, event promotion, and other outreach programs from UPC. 

In addition to providing an application for graphic design and media production skills, the Marketing Board is a caring team that works together flawlessly to satisfy all the various needs that UPC demands. We all step outside of our comfort zones to cover for each other and help in any way possible. In many ways, the Marketing Board is what makes everything else in UPC possible. 

Having spent two years as an Associate Director and being promoted to Director of Marketing for the 2016-2017 academic year, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to grow as a professional in UPC. 

Beta Theta Pi Fraternity

The mission of Beta Theta Pi at the University of Utah is to build Men of Principle for a principled life.

For over a century since its founding on October 25th, 1913, the Gamma Beta Chapter of the University of Utah has strived for excellence in academics, campus involvement, and brotherhood. As a strictly no-hazing fraternity with the highest all-Greek GPA on campus, Beta Theta Pi has become one of the most respected and honored fraternities at the University of Utah. Indeed, the chapter recently received the 2015 Chapter of Disctinction Award from the North-American Interfraternity Conference for outstanding overall fraternity performance. 

2014-2016: VP Internal Programming & Philanthropy

As the 2015 Vice President of Internal Programming and Philanthropy, re-elected to serve a second term in 2016, I had the privilege and responsibility of overseeing the chapter's philanthropic efforts: an ongoing partnership with the Rape Recovery Center. This was my main focus alongside alumni relations, member recognition, and community service in the chapter.

Beta Theta Pi's partnership with the RRC goes beyond simple fundraising. As millennial college men, we have stepped up to help change the statistics and address the problem as a men's issue. We sponsor several community outreach events a semester including our Sexual Assault Prevention Forum series designed to start a dialogue about sexual assault on college campuses. Each forum addresses different topics ranging from defining rape culture to exploring consent.

Our forums have garnered attention from local news:

In addition, the chapter has captured the national attention and support of the Robin McGraw Foundation and the Dr. Phil Show through winning the iAspire Grant for 2015. 

Alpha Epsilon Delta

Established in 1951, the Beta Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta at the University of Utah has a longstanding tradition of helping individuals who are pursuing a career in the medical field to achieve their goals. AED is also committed to excellent volunteer service for the students and community, and is an affiliated society of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a member of the Association of College Honor Societies.

With over 50 active members, 130 registered members, and three faculty advisors, AED is one of the fastest growing Pre-Medical and Pre-Health associations on campus. Furthermore, it is the only pre-health honor society at the University of Utah.

2014-2017: VP Public Relations / Chapter Secretary

2014-2015 AED Officers (left to right)

Back: KC Olson, McKenzi Yocus, Vincent Fu, Michael Thompson
Front: Andrea Meyers, Ryan Bennion, Christine Jaojoco, Steven Howell, Amber Coburn

Our chapter has ten executive officers overseeing the various aspects of pre-medical and pre-health tracks, from community service to physician shadowing, community service to research. This is in addition to basic chapter essentials such as president, secretary, treasurer, and historian.

I served as the 2014-2015 VP of Public Relations and re-branded AED from the ground up, including designing and building a new website and promotional materials. We have witnessed an increase in membership interest and applications as a result of this expanded and revamped outreach. 

For the 2015-2016 academic year I was appointed the Chapter Secretary, and was re-appointed to a second term for the 2016-2017 year as well. It was a privilege to serve the chapter from a nationally-recognized position and will continue to strive to improve the member experience.