Through connections made as an Adobe Student Representative, I have the privilege of being personally partnered with Adobe Education on some very exciting projects as a graduate student.

Adobe Creative Campus

Adobe Creative Campus aims to bring together educators sharing the desire to foster creativity in learning using digital tools as a core skill set. United by passion to improve student outcomes and stimulate critical thinking in learning for non-creatives—regardless of areas of study and degree path—we share best practices with the goal of bringing Digital Literacy to all students.

I am honored to represent a student success story at Creative Campus Collaborations and to participate in conversations for creating and teaching an effective and engaging curriculum.


Digital MD: Social Media in Medicine

Digital and social media are an ever-growing part of our world, and to send future physicians into practice without basic training in digital literacy—or worse yet, to advise them to avoid public engagement over social channels—would be utterly irresponsible. Guided by experienced faculty, I am designing a curriculum for Digital MD. This elective will equip learners with the conceptual understanding and technical skills necessary to utilize social media for health education and community engagement. The ultimate goal is to draw attention to this unfulfilled need in medical education and bring effective pedagogy in digital literacy to other health programs across the country.


Adobe Spotlight

In 2015, I had the privilege of being featured on Adobe Education's platform in a Customer Spotlight and Success Story. I am honored to have updated my Success Story upon graduation from college in 2017.

Thanks to Adobe Education for featuring my work!


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Jeff O'Driscoll, MD