A New Frontier

I haven't always wanted to become a doctor.

Throughout college, I felt simultaneous motivations to pursue all kinds of disciplines ranging from music to biology to marketing to computer science. Although I ended up a scientist by training, I still enjoy the creative freedom of graphic design and the exciting risks of business. And so, in the year since I graduated from the University of Utah, it has been a thrill to work as Digital Marketing Manager of a medical company in Salt Lake City.

But my experience as a young professional has opened my eyes to a greater calling: a career without graduate education will be forever limited by an influential ceiling. I simply cannot achieve the impact I desire without developing depth of knowledge. After great consideration, it has become clear that my academic interest--and indeed my character--is best suited for a future in medicine.


It is with great honor that I accept a place at the University of Colorado School of Medicine this fall. I am elated to be attending a top ten medical school and to further expand my horizons beyond my home state of Utah. The prospect of moving away from home is at once exciting and frightening... but I am ready.

Go Buffs! 🤘

Vincent Fu

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